It is important just like babies, to get your new puppy or kitten started off in life right. We recommend that if you get a new puppy or kitten, they get a veterinary exam done as soon as possible. During this, the doctor and technicians will look over the health of your pet and be able to give you vital tips and information on how best to take care of your pets.

Social skills, training, vaccines, deworming, grooming, dental health and more is so important to get right when your pet is young. Sometimes if you run late on recommendations it can affect them as they grow. Testing of the feces is another important step to take as many young pets can have intestinal parasites or contagious bacteria in them. The sooner you find out the fecal results the better because if your pet does have a positive fecal, they may need medication to treat. Getting the medication in your pet will help avoid contamination of your yard or house where the pet may be going potty.

A puppy or kitten should not be exposed to other pets until they have completed their full set of vaccines. This not only means to avoid direct contact pet to pet but also your pet should not be taken where other pets have gone for walks etc. Contagious diseases can be transmitted through the stool that is on grasses etc.

At Healthy Pet Hospital and Grooming, we can help answer any questions you may have about proper care for your puppy or kitten. It is important to us and we understand that you may have a lot of questions. We want that young pet to become a strong happy adult that lives a long life.

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