Pet Grooming

Welcome to Healthy Pet Hospital and Grooming where we treat your pet’s like family. Your pets will be loved and pampered by our staff. We take pride in communicating with you and your pets to ensure that the grooming experience is top quality. No matter what size or breed of your pet, we can groom them. Our experienced groomers and bathers can groom dogs, cats, rabbits, and even guinea pigs!

Dog and Cat Grooming is available 7 days a week and by appointment. We highly recommend scheduling an appointment in advance for your pet’s haircut, especially during warmer months and holidays, as schedules fill up fast.

The price of grooming your pets is determined by their size, breed and the type and condition of their coat. We can give you an estimate over the phone, but to get a more accurate estimate, we would have to see your pet.

Though we take pride in making your pet’s spa experience a luxurious one, as you may know, not all pets are excited to get their baths. Our grooming staff is experienced in handling many types of behaviors, but for those pets that need extra “handling” or sedation, there is an extra fee. We always do our best to talk to your pets and comfort them and some local groomers, refer “difficult” pets to our salon where we are able to groom them without the need of a sedative.

Additional salon services include:

Deep Conditioning Treatment:

Helps to condition dry skin and dull hair coats, so your pet leaves with a shiny, soft coat.

Deep Cleansing and Soak:

For the extra dirty pet, this deep cleanser shampoo will help get that dirt and grime off your pet. This is good for those weekend warriors that just have too much fun and get into the mud and more.

Flea Shampoo and Soak:

We use a citrus blend shampoo that can naturally relieve your pet of fleas and of the itchy skin that fleas can cause. We recommend to follow up with a flea preventative.

Flea Prevention:

We do not use flea dips. If fleas are seen on your pet during grooming we will treat your pet with a Capstar, which will kill fleas starting in a half hour after the pill is given. We then offer single or packages of flea preventatives. We carry Advantage Multi, Bravecto, Nexgard, Simparica, Sentinel Spectrum and Cheristin for Cats. We can help you choose the best one for your pet.

Medicated Baths:

We carry a variety of medicated shampoos for different skin conditions. Upon evaluation of your pet’s skin, we may recommend a medicated bath. You may also purchase the medicated bath for chronic cases.

Maintenance Programs

When your pet is on our maintenance program we take $5.00 off of your regular grooming price when you schedule your pet’s next appointment one month in advance. It is a great way to save.

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Healthy Pet Hospital & Grooming  is conveniently Located in Orange just off the 55 Freeway at Chapman Avenue.

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