Pet Grooming Steps

Grooming your pet at Healthy Pet Hospital and Grooming in Orange involves several steps. We estimate that our five-step process takes about four hours per pet.

Step 1

Every pet visiting us for grooming receives a check up by one of our vet assistants. They will check your pet’s ears, eyes, teeth, body, skin, and weight. Our goal is to assist you in keeping your pet healthy, so if anything abnormal is found with your pet, you will be alerted. Our veterinarians may give a recommendation for treatment. They can also answer any questions you may have regarding your pet. If you have your own veterinarian, you can let them know any concerns that were brought to your attention. If you have anything you want checked while your pet is here, just let us know. In order to ensure your pet’s safety, we must ensure that all vaccinations are current. If we don’t have a history of vaccines for your pet, we can update them here on the same day as grooming or call the clinic they were done at to update our records.

Step 2

At check in, pets are checked over for mats and excess hair. Specific grooming instructions are taken from you. We can do many styles specific to the breed or work with you on any specific lengths or style you are looking for. We record all grooming instructions so that if you like the clip your pet received, you can ask to get the same each time. If your pet is not receiving a full body haircut, but you do want light trimming on the face, sanitary area, feet trimming etc., we can also discuss this with you.

Step 3

Once your pets arrive in to the grooming salon, they are assigned to a groomer and bather. Before they are bathed, they are taken for a walk to the grass to ensure they relieve themselves if needed. After this, they are brought back in and we do initial clipping, dematting, and detangling before they go in the tub. This ensures that shampooing can go through the coat thoroughly.

Bathing is done with a massaging shower head that deep cleans your pet. After rinsing, a second bath is given to your pet to ensure that the dirt on your pet’s skin or hair is thoroughly washed. We use several types of shampoos from deep cleansing, hypoallergenic, and whitening shampoos appropriate for your pet. Sometimes, depending on skin condition, a medicated shampoo may be recommended. While in the bathtub your pet’s anal glands are expressed, and ears are cleaned. After a thorough rinsing, we may use conditioner to leave coats silky and soft, and rinse one last time.

Step 4

Now that your pet is clean, we will towel dry them and use a pet blow dryer to dry your pet’s hair. For pets with thick undercoat, we will use a high powered dryer nozzle to help bring the undercoat out. For curly haired pets or those with fine hair, we will use the blow dryer with a fluffing nozzle along with a brush to ensure that the hair is set just right. The drying process will get your pet ready for the finishing steps.

Step 5

Your pet’s hair is thoroughly brushed and combed. At this time the nail trimming is also done as the water has helped to soften the nail bed, helping to ensure that the nail trimming experience is better. For pets not receiving a full haircut, the light trimming around eyes and feet are done at this time. For those receiving a haircut, the groomer will do the finishing steps with clippers and scissors. Once pet is done, they will receive a bow or bandana and then you will be called for pick up. Pet cologne spritz is also available upon request.

Between steps, pets are returned to their kennels for breaks, this ensures that grooming is a pleasant experience, and a return trip will be something to look forward to. We do our best to keep the area calm so grooming is as easy as possible on your pet.

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