Microchip Pet Identification

Microchips are a permanent way of identifying your pet. A very tiny computerized microchip is placed below the skin between the shoulder blades of dogs and cats and other predetermined areas of other animals. There is no working or moving part, so the chip can’t stop working and the chip is encased in a biocompatible material so there is no tissue reaction or rejection. The one-time microchip registration is included with the purchase of the microchip at Pet Hospital. Some microchip companies charge an annual fee.

There have been great success stories of pets being reunited due to having a microchip. When a lost pet is brought to Pet Hospital we will scan it for a microchip right away with a hand held scanner. If a chip is found, we call the chip company and they give us the pet’s name and owner’s phone number. We call right away so they can be reunited. This is why it is so important to have your pet’s microchip registered and up to date especially with phone numbers. Here are some success stories that have happened at Healthy Pet Hospital and Grooming in Orange.

Charlie was reunited with her family because she had a microchip. She went missing 2 months ago in Riverside and was found in Orange. The person that found her brought her in an had us scan her. Once scanned, we found the chip and the owner’s phone number. We were told that her gardener had left her yard gate open and that is how she got out. She had a red collar on her that was not her collar so looks like who ever originally found her may have kept her for the two months. Her owner bought her a new collar and leash before leaving Pet Hospital. These little boys were so excited to have Charlie back as she always slept in their bed with them. We could tell in Charlie’s eyes that she was so happy to be reunited with her family, especially when she looked at her mom.

Benji had been lost and a client brought him here, we scanned and found he had a microchip. We were able to call his mom right away so she could come reunite with him. Now they have become part of our family. We look forward to caring for Benji.

Coco was reunited with her owner because she was microchipped!! Coco is blind and got out of her house. Luckily one of our clients found her and brought her in. We scanned her and found chip and we were able to find her family

A Chihuahua was found in Orange and was brought in by one of our clients to have him scanned for a microchip. This little dog was so sweet and had very long nails. We did a free nail trim then scanned for a chip. Luckily he was chipped and when we called the owners we were surprised to hear that he had been missing from their home in Westminster for 1 year! Owner cried tears of happiness to hear that “Chung King” was found. Happy reunion.


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