Facials and Teeth Brushing

Blueberry Facials:

At Healthy Pet Hospital and Grooming in Orange, we know that a pet’s face can be one of the dirtiest parts of their body. Some pets tend to be messy eaters and will slop their food around their faces. Since they can’t use napkins like us, they tend to lick most of any debris off their face. Some pets also tend to get their muzzle in to things that they are not supposed to like shrubs where other pets have been and more. So when you go to kiss your pets on the cheek, it may not be as clean as you think.

We use SouthBark’s Blueberry Facial. At the beginning of your pet’s bath, this is applied to their face by hand. Massaging this aromatherapy treatment in a circular motion to the face will help relax your pet, while deep cleaning and brightening your pet’s face. This is followed by a thorough face rinsing. We also include a berry spritz to finish off the berry freshness.

Teeth Brushing:

In a perfect world, all pets would get their teeth brushed at least once a day. As we all know not all pets are that easy to convince which makes compliance a little difficult for some people. We can help by providing a thorough brushing of your pet’s teeth. We use only the best enzymatic pet toothpaste in vanilla mint or poultry flavor. The enzymes help reduce the bacteria that causes plaque buildup. Pets love the taste too so they actually do not mind the experience too much.

Kiss Me Package:

Let us help make your pet’s face more kissable. How many times does your pet sneak up a lick of your face? Well, let’s make sure that the smooches shared between you and your pet are the freshest possible. This package combines the Blueberry Facial and the teeth brushing and with the addition of a breath freshener rinse. Helping to make your pet’s face extra kissable!

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