De-Shedding Treatment

SHED-LESS Treatment:

The shed-less treatment we offer is a 3 part treatment that helps reduce the amount of shedding hair your pet has. The more often this treatments is done, the better results with shedding you will see.

The process first starts with a deep conditioning oatmeal shampoo. The pet is bathed with the hydro-surge bath that helps get deep in through the hair to deep cleanse the hair and skin. This also can help loosen up the haircoat. While the shampoo is on the pet, brushing will be done. After a through rinsing a second bath is done. Following this, the pets is bathed with a de-shedding solution. This helps to condition the hair and skin and loosens the undercoat. During this process, brushing will be done.

Once the pet is rinsed, he is toweled dried and then moved to the drying area. High powered blow drying is done by hand that focuses on blowing the loose undercoat out. Brushing will also be done with the drying process.

Once the pet is dried, they are moved to the finishing area. Here a special de-shedding brush will be used to get more of the undercoat out. De-shedding brushes and combs will be used on the pet until the finisher sees that there is less and less undercoat coming off with the brush out. The pet will be blow dried one last time to help blow out any excess coat.

Shedding may be seen after their grooming visit. It is recommended to do the de-shedding treatment every 4-6 weeks to help get better control of the undercoat. Though the de-shedding treatment will get some of the hair off, we do not guarantee that the pet will no longer shed. Again maintenance de-shedding is highly recommended especially during certain times of the year.

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