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At Healthy Pet Hospital and Grooming, we are very experienced with grooming cats. We understand that not all cats love water. We understand that cats are very independent and may not like somebody to do their grooming for them, In fact, most cats think their own grooming is fine. Well, some cats are not okay with just home grooming. Long-haired cats can easily matt. Short haired cats can shed a lot. We offer haircuts for cats in a variety of lengths and styles. We also offer a de-shedding treatment for cats that do not want to be shaved. Some clients will just have us shave the belly and keep the rest of the body long.

Typically all cats must be in prior to 11 am for their grooming appointment. This will allow the window for the grooming staff to check your cat’s temperament. If the cat will need sedation, the doctor will be available to do the exam on the pet in the morning. If your cat is in need of a sedative, the medical and grooming staff are all trained to handle pets appropriately when they are under sedation. Again we always try to do all pets without sedation. The only time that the sedative would be introduced is for the safety of your cat and of the groomer. We can fully discuss with you what exactly your cat’s grooming will entail.

Creative Cat grooming! Amanda is one of our great Groomers and loves to groom cats. Earlier this year she attended The Groom Expo West. She took classes on better understanding cats and their behavior. The instructor Danelle German is a certified master groomer and certified in feline creative grooming and is the owner of the National Cat Groomers Institute of America. After taking these classes, Amanda feels she has the tools to effectively and safely groom all cats without a problem. She loves creative grooming, from clips that make your cat look like a lion or to look like a dragon!


David is one of our bathers. He is one of the “lion tamers” at Healthy Pet Hospital and Grooming. David has recently taken classes to learn how to better handle Cats that are in for grooming. He received education on how to tell if the cat is aggressive or just stressed out. Also, the proper way to restrain them so they are still comfortable, muzzling techniques, bathing and drying techniques and more.


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