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    Thank you so much to all the staff at Pet Hospital for taking care of Taffy, our cocker spaniel.

    After 14 years with our family, she is missed very much. The groomers kept her beautiful. Dr. Wiatt and all the assistants kept her healthy for many years. Because of the excellent care and attention given to animals, we will continue to bring our pets to pet hospital, including our new puppy, Peaches.

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    I just want to thank you for all that you have done for Oakely and my family. Over the years you have always been there for Oakley. I know she loved and trusted all of you, just as we have.

    These last few months have really meant a lot to us and a very big part of that was because of all of you. We really miss Oakley and our lives will never be the same without her.

    I am just so glad that the powers that be brought us and Pet hospital together years ago.


    Thanks again so much

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    Just wanted to send you a quick update, as it has been three years since you gave Kindred her first ultrasound. I’m happy to let you know she is still with us! And I’m compelled to thank you once again for your advice about taking her home and just enjoy whatever time we have left. Who could have imagined at that time it would be 36 months??? I give a lot of credit to the wonderful care and management she receives from Sam, Jodie, Dr. Hagins, and the rest of the gang over at Community. Of course, all the oodles of loving and playing she enjoys here at home can’t be hurting any!

    Here’s the most recent picture of her. Bright eyed and ready to fetch her squeaky ball. We take everything with her one week at a time, but so far so good. She recently had xrays to check her lungs, etc. and everything is looking great. So, if we can just keep those kidneys working for a while longer, it seems she’s good for at least a few more miles. ;0)

    Take Care,

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    This is just a quick note to THANK ALL of you for taking the time to help “Betty” come home.  She is all cleaned up and back with her family where she belongs.  I will be sending a more detailed thank you with her story of gratitude for bringing her home.  I will be getting some pictures done to show you there was a cute little dog under all the hair and dirt.  My sister was even kind enough to give her a few baths and a small trim before I could see her and after the groomer shaved her down she was in good shape after being gone for 9 + months.  The chip I had put in her was the best investment anyone who loves there pet can do to help get them home.  It is a miracle for me to ever see her again.  My sincere appreciation for making the call to bring Betty home to me, as I too was homeless 9 yrs ago and the thought of her on the streets or being abused or neglected left me empty inside.  I will tell her story to anyone who will listen to have your pet micro-chipped and don’t forget to go on line and have the pet registered.  I hope you all know how grateful to you all, hope you have a great day!