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  • Chemistry blood panel screens several of your pet’s major systems including kidney, liver, protein, and electrolytes. CBC is Complete Blood Count of red blood cells (which carry oxygen), white blood cells (which help fight infection) and platelets (cells critical to the blood’s ability to clot.)
  • Ensures proper blood clotting time prior to surgical procedure.
  • Tests for heart disease prior to surgery procedure.
  • Radiosurgery uses high-frequency electromagnetic (radio) waves to cut and cauterize tissue. This procedure helps to reduce bleeding, and reduce swelling.
  • A laser is used to cut and cauterize tissue. This procedure helps to reduce pain at surgery site, reduce bleeding, and reduce swelling. For better and faster healing time.
  • This reduces inflammation and pain on surgery site.
  • I understand that all pets receive pain medication with surgery and some pets may need additional pain medication. If the veterinarian deems additional pain medication is necessary for my pet, I understand that there is an additional fee.
    I do hereby certify that I am the owner/agent of this pet. I give my consent to Healthy Pet Hospital & Grooming and it's staff to care for and administer any treatment and/or perform any tests deemed necessary for the health and welfare of my pet. I do hereby release Healthy Pet Hospital & Grooming and it's staff of any responsibility and liability, in the absence of gross negligence, should my pet inflict self injury, refuse food, become ill, or die while in the care of Healthy Pet Hospital & Grooming and it's staff. I am aware of the risks involved with anesthesia and that the results cannot be guaranteed. There may be times that no personnel are on the premises and that transfer for continued care may be required. I have read and completely understand this consent form and by signing this document I authorize the Veterinarian and the staff of Healthy Pet Hospital & Grooming to perform the surgery and services that are indicated. I understand that all charges are to be paid at the time of services rendered.

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