Requirements for Boarding Online Form

Requirements For Boarding Online Form


    By checking each box below each statement, you are attesting your agreement to requirements and some additional fees that may be associated with your pet's boarding stay at Healthy Pet Hospital & Grooming.


  • I am the owner of the pet(s) listed on this master boarding agreement. I do hereby consent and authorize Pet Hospital to board the pet(s) listed. I give consent to Pet Hospital to administer vaccinations and/or emergency treatment required for the health of my pet while he/she is under the care of the doctors and staff. I understand that if my pet becomes ill or requires emergency care, there is no guarantee of a favorable outcome and I understand that I will still be responsible for all fees. I agree to release Pet Hospital and its staff of all liability associated with boarding my pet(s). I understand that I am responsible for payment in full at the time of checkout. If my pet is staying more than 7 days, or I extend the amount of days my pet is boarding for, I understand that the amount of boarding days must be pre-paid. I understand that by signing this master boarding agreement, the policies stated on this agreement are active anytime I board my pet(s) at Pet Hospital.

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Healthy Pet Hospital & Grooming  is conveniently Located in Orange just off the 55 Freeway at Chapman Avenue.

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