• The Pet Food Claim Game

    Apr 07 2017

    This is the second installment on our journey through a confusing world of pet nutrition. Who believes everything they read or hear when it comes to advertisements? Correct answer; no…

  • 6 Rules For Clearing Up Pet Nutritional Confusions

    Mar 24 2017

    Clearing Up Nutritional Confusions There is no more fertile ground for confusing pet owners than the subject of how and what to feed pets. I counsel people on these subjects…

  • Our Veterinarians Are Your Pet’s Superheroes!

    Mar 14 2017

    A true superhero is one that has a lot of care for the well being of others. They do all that they can to help those in need. They are…

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    Top 5 reason why your pet may have itchy skin.

    Mar 07 2017

    The top 5 reason why your pet may have itchy skin. Do you have a pet that is chewing and scratching on themselves all day and night? There are many…

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    Pets and Eye Health

    Jan 27 2017

    They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. That is very true but in pets it can also be the windows in to their health. Fogginess, discharge,…

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    The Trouble With Water Puddles And Your Pets

    Jan 17 2017

    The rainy weather has stopped and your pets are ready to get back to their routine of going on walks, playing in the yard, and other outdoor activities. You may…

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    The Scoop On A Pet’s Poop

    Dec 29 2016

    Did you know that some animal feces can carry parasites that can be contagious to other animals and humans? Not all of these can be seen with the naked eye.…

  • Holiday Pet Safety Tips

    Dec 20 2016

    Pet Safety Tips for the holidays. Our holiday hours this week: Fri. 12/23 8am-7pm, Sat.12/24 7am-4pm, Sun.12/25 closed, Mon.12/26 8am-7pm. Please call us if you need anything (714)771-3261. We are…

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    Cat Scratching: Why they do it and what to do about it.

    Dec 12 2016

    Cats are some of the most independent animals in the world. They tend to do what they want and when they want. So what happens when they begin to scratch…

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    The benefits of Spaying and Neutering your pets

    Dec 08 2016

    Spaying and neutering your pets can not only help remedy the number of homeless animals, but it also provides several other benefits to animals. According to the Humane Society of…