Aug 19 2019

It’s Take Your Cat To The Vet Day!

Most often pet owners bring their dogs in to see the vet for their annual exams, lab work, vaccines and more. But what about cats? According to the American Humane Society, cats go to the veterinarian half as often as dogs and many cats only get taken to the vet when they are sick. Why is that? We know that cats are very good at hiding illness, yet they suffer from many of the same diseases that dogs do.

Have you marked your calendar yet? August 22nd is Take Your Cat To The Vet Day! It is a great time to schedule your cat for their annual exam. Do not wait until your cat finally starts showing signs of being sick to bring them in. We recommend annual lab work as this can find early stages of certain diseases that may be helped with medications, special diets, or supplements.

So what will our vet do during your cat’s visit?

A head to tail physical examination will be done. They will check for any abnormalities or changes. The teeth and gums will be looked at. Many cats suffer from dental disease without the pet owner realizing it. This can lead to tooth loss and infection. Our vet will discuss with you, findings and recommendations. The earlier a medical issue can be found, the better.

Vaccination history will be reviewed. Our veterinarian will determine which vaccines are best suited for your cat. This can depend on their lifestyle, age, and risk exposure. During your cats visit, they will be checked for parasites. This includes external parasites like fleas, ticks, and ear mites. You can also bring in a stool sample for us to send to the lab that will check for internal parasites. Along with a test of the stool, our veterinarians recommend labwork. A blood and urine sample can be sent to the lab to screen for disease early, before your cat has symptoms. Detecting diseases early, can help us get started with treatment right away.

How do I get my cat to the vet?

Sometimes it is easier said than done. Cats seem to sense when their owners are “up to something”. We recommend to bring out the carrier a few days in advanced and let is sit in the house for a while so your cat can smell and explore it. Place a¬† blanket that has their scent on it, in the carrier. Give your cat a treat while standing by carrier. On day of visit, bring the treats out and give your cat a treat and then use their blanket to pick them up and place them in the carrier. Add an additional treat to help. Sometimes you can use a pillow case to scoop them up with to help with supporting the back legs.

There are other tips that we can help you with. Give us a call for help and to schedule your cats next appointment. Let us help you keep your cat happy and healthy!



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