Aug 02 2019

Does your pet have allergies?

Do you notice your pet obsessively chewing and licking at their paws? What about biting at their rear end or shaking their head and scratching their ears? If you notice this going on, your pet may be suffering from allergies!!

Each year thousands of pets suffer from allergies without pet owners realizing it. The single most common cause of allergies in dogs and cats is fleas. 50% of allergic dogs have ear infections, and this may be their only symptom. Many cats and dogs can have an allergic reaction to one or more ingredient in their pet food. The reality is, pets can be allergic to many things just like humans can. When a human has an allergic reaction to something, we can voice it, research it, and see a doctor for testing and treatment. Pets need our help to figure out what they are allergic to so they can get relief.

Does your pet have allergies? Do you want to find out what your pet could be allergic to? Do you know what treatments and products are available? Schedule an appointment with our veterinarians today.

During the exam, our veterinarian may recommend Allergy Testing.This test can help find out which allergens found in California, could be affecting your pet. These include different types of grasses, weeds, trees, fungi, epidermals, house dust, foods, insects, and more. With these results, you and our veterinarians can have a better look in to what is affecting your pet. We can then give you the best plan suited for your pet.

At Healthy Pet Hospital & Grooming, August is Allergy Awareness Month. We are offering 10% off Allergy Testing in August. Also, with the purchase of an Allergy Test, you will receive a FREE bottle of Salmon Oil Soft Chews for dogs & cats to support healthy skin & glossy coat. It is a great supplement for pets with allergies.

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