Jun 25 2019

Fireworks Can Be Scary For Pets! Be Prepared.

Fireworks can be very scary for pets. Most do not like hearing loud noises and pets can become very scared and anxious. Their behavior can become very extreme as their natural instinct of fight or flight kicks in. Some pets have been known to tear walls, doors, break windows and destroy rooms just trying to find a safe spot to hide away from the scary noises.

It is common to hear about pets getting out and running away. Most animal control facilities report the 4th of July as one of the busiest days for lost pets.

We highly recommend to help your pet with calming agents which can range from herbal calming remedies to sedatives. We carry over the counter calming treats that can be given to your pets 1 hour prior to expected fireworks or loud noises. You can start these treats several days prior to see how your pet does. Some pets may need more than one dose. We also carry a calming spray that can be used to spray the bedding, pet bandanas, and pillows. This spray has a pet phermone that can help your pet feel calm in time of anxiety. You can use this along with the calming treats.

If you feel that your pet is going to need something stronger for calming, you may want to consider getting a prescription of a sedative. You can request this with the doctor. A current exam is required. Plan your appointment and or prescription request so that you can get the sedative that your pet may need before the day of the fireworks. The dosage is prescribed by your pet’s weight and will mildly sedate your pet prior and during the fireworks.

Other tips to keep in mind:
-Secure gates, doors and windows.
-Ensure pet is wearing collar and tags in case they get out.
-Ensure that your pet is microchipped and that all of your information including phone number is registered and up to date.
-Close all windows and turn t.v. or radio on to tune out fireworks.
-Stay with your pet and give them extra comfort and treats.
-Take your dog on a long walk during the middle of the day prior to fireworks so they may be a little tired and sleepy at time of fireworks.
-Keep your pets indoors.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please give us a call. 714-771-3261

If your pet runs away or you have found a pet, please call
OC Animal Care: 714-935-6848
For an after hours pet emergency please call: OCEPC (714) 462-1829


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