May 03 2019

Cinco de Mayo Dog Safety: Can dogs eat chips and salsa?

During Cinco de Mayo, many pet owners celebrate with fun, food and drinks. Some of these things can be toxic and/or cause your dog to have an upset stomach.

Who doesn’t love chips and salsa? It is a great snack but not good to share with your dog. Chips can be high in fat and salt which both are not good for dogs. Some chips are flavored with garlic or onion powder, which in high amounts can be toxic to dogs.

Another popular treat on this day is salsa. There are many ways to make salsa. Most chili peppers found in salsa are not toxic but dogs do not like the spicy taste. Dogs are not used to processing spicy foods and chili peppers can be hard on their digestive system. Ingesting could cause them to have diarrhea or vomiting. Chopped up onions and garlic found in salsas can be toxic to dogs.

Popular drinks like margaritas, beer, tequila and other alcohols are also dangerous for dogs. Most dogs will usually stay away from alcohol. Some thirsty dogs may approach the drink believing it is water and lick it up. Keep all alcohol out of reach from your pets. If you believe your dog ingested anything toxic, ensure that you call us or if after hours, call an emergency pet clinic.

We hope you have a Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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