Apr 17 2019

Creative Cat Grooming

As we know some Cats can tend to have unique and strong personalities. Some may even say they are similar to a Tiger, a Lion or even a Dragon! This is where Creative Grooming can be used to help have your cat’s personality really stand out.

Our Groomer Amanda, loves to groom cats and specializes in creative cat grooming. With a most recent creative grooming done on a cat named Puffy, we wanted to ask her about the creative process she goes through.

How did you get in to creative cat grooming?

Amanda: A great client Mrs. Upstone would always get her cat groomed with a lion clip pattern. (This is a popular cat clip where the mane is left along with the booties and hair on tip of tail left and the rest of the body shaved to replicate a lion.) She let me get very creative with her cat including shaving a mohawk, a turkey pattern for Thanksgiving, A Christmas Tree for Christmas and the year for New Years.

What do you think cats think about their new look?

Amanda: Well they probably enjoy having less hair when they are cleaning themselves and may have less hairballs. Also some cat owners tend to want to pet their cat a little more as there is less hair shedding everywhere. Having a creative haircut also may draw more smiles and attention, and when cats are in the mood, they like attention.

What is the process?

Amanda: Creative grooming takes a little longer depending on the patterns. I may need assistance with some cats depending on the pattern and the cat’s mood. I will talk to the cat, set the design, and proceed with the haircut to make it look clean and smooth.

Are all cats the same for grooming?

Amanda: No. Each cat has their own personality. They either do or do not mind their grooming. I give them their space, time, and get assistance whenever it is needed. There is cat named Puffy (featured in the Dragon Clip pattern) that is such a sweetheart. He is a Himalayan and when he comes in, he is so cool and collective. He seems to enjoy his grooming visit. Because he is so sweet and cute, he gets a lot of positive attention from all the staff here. He is one of my favorites. When his owner requested this creative grooming, I was more than happy to do it. He just sat patiently as I groomed him. He looks more like a cuddly dragon, maybe we can call him Puffy The Magic Dragon.

The grooming room that Amanda works in is also especially designed to be extra quiet and this along with classical music playing, helps cats not to be nervous during their grooming. Amanda also speaks to the cats that she is working on and let’s them know what she is doing and let’s them know they are doing good. We think having this discussion with the cats she grooms allows them to know that she really cares about them.

If you would like to have your cat groomed by Amanda, please give us a call to schedule an appointment. (714)771-3261

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