Apr 10 2019

Can your dog eat cheese?

There are many fans of Cheese. That may be one of the reasons when taking photos, you hear “Say Cheese!”. Though it is not the healthiest treat, dogs can be given small amounts of it. In fact, we sometimes offer a small piece of cheese to dogs after they have had their vaccines, or when first greeting a dog in the exam room. Dogs tend to really like cheese so if they realize they may get more, they sometimes tend to sit and stay better.

Are there certain cheeses that my dog can eat?

Cheese is high in fat. Lower fat cheeses like cottage cheese or mozzarella may be better if you are going to give a small cheese treat.

Stay away from very rich cheeses as they can be harder for dogs to digest and could cause them to gain weight. Also remember that the portion should match the size of the dog. A Chihuahua should not get the same bite size that a Great Dane would.

Since dogs can’t process salt as easily as humans, look for low sodium cheeses. High sodium cheese may lead to vomiting, dizziness and diarrhea.

Some dogs can be lactose intolerant which can cause a reaction like bloating, gas, or diarrhea. This can be painful. For dogs that react, it is best to avoid giving them cheese.

Never feed your dog “fancy” cheeses as many time these can be mixed with other ingredients like garlic, onions, tomatoes, or other possibly toxic ingredients.

Cheese does contain protein, calcium, Vitamin A and B-complex. Given in moderate amounts like as a training treat or hiding your pet’s pill in it, may be okay. As with anything your pet eats, always watch for any reactions and hopefully the only one you will see is a smiling dog that says “CHEESE!”

-Susan Aranda

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