Mar 28 2019

Spring is here!

Spring is here along with allergies, parasites, and bacteria that flourishes this time of year.

Wet weather mixed with sunny days, brings extra blooms to flowers and trees whose pollen not only can cause allergies to humans but also to our dear pets. Allergies in pets can cause itchy skin and inflamed ears which can equal skin and ear infections. This can be very uncomfortable for your pets. We can help. Our veterinarians have many recommendations to help your pet feel more comfortable. Our grooming department is also trained to spot suspicious odor and appearance of your pets skin and ears to alert our veterinarians to possible infections etc. Sometimes the doctor may recommend a medicated shampoo. Our groomers can give soothing medicated baths to help relieve that itchy skin.  Allergy testing is also a great way to find out what your pet is allergic to. Whether it is a pollen, fleas, food, etc., we can help get you answers.

Parasites can also be on the increase this time of year. Keeping your pet on a monthly parasite preventative will help prevent your pet from carrying parasites, and can also help control the parasites in your pets environment. Parasites can come in to your pet’s environment from other animals such as stray cats, possums, etc. When you bring your pet in for grooming, our staff can find fleas or ticks on your pets that you may not have been aware of. Mosquitoes also love the wet humid weather. Mosquitoes can carry blood-borne parasites that can be harmful to your pets.¬† Keep your pets protected, we can help.

Some bacteria can thrive in moisture. Since Spring usually brings rainy weather, you have to ensure to keep your pet’s environment free of stagnant water. Empty water buckets, clean up puddles, etc., so that your pet does not drink out of that water and ingest bacteria.

No matter what Spring can bring to your pets, don’t worry we got your pets covered! Call us today to schedule an appointment and let us ensure your pets can enjoy the beautiful parts of Spring. (714)771-3261

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