Feb 07 2019

Should You Be Worried About A Typhus Outbreak In Los Angeles?

Have you heard the news about the Typhus outbreak in Los Angeles? Should this be a concern to you in Orange County? The answer is YES! A typhus outbreak in Los Angeles County is a big concern as it is a bacterial disease that can spread to humans.  It can cause high fever, chills, headache and rashes in humans but is treatable with antibiotics.

Infected fleas can be found on rats, feral cats and other wildlife. These types of animals can travel long distances and could reach Orange County. They can easily reach yards, sidewalks, parks, and even enter homes, etc. It is recommended to keep your pets on flea control at all times. This will help prevent your pets from carrying fleas which then will help keep you and your family protected.

Also you can keep typhus-infected animals away from your homes by ensuring not to leave pet food outdoors, keeping garbage cans tightly covered, closing up any small opening under your home, etc. If you are being bitten by fleas, it would also be recommended to call an exterminator to treat your home and yard. If you are in an area that has problems with rats, speak to an exterminator on the best ways to keep them out of your environment.

If you have any questions or would like to get your pet on a flea preventative, please call us. 714-771-3261.



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