Feb 06 2019

February Is Pet Dental Health Care Month!

Pet dental care is important for your pets. Not only does it help with bad breath, it can help them live longer and avoid painful loose teeth. Brushing your pet’s teeth with a pet safe toothpaste is recommended. Most pets do not like their teeth brushed. If you make it a fun rewarding experience, then they may not shy away from it as much. Pet toothpaste is available in flavors like chicken, beef, and mint, which most pets like the taste of. Combine tooth brushing time with a treat or a walk each time and then they may eventually look forward to it. Introducing your pet to teeth brushing at an early age can also help.

How can you tell if your pet needs a dental cleaning? Bring your pet in for a routine dental exam. Our veterinarians will look at your pets teeth and gums during the exam. They will be able to let you know what stage your pet’s oral health is in. Some pets can build up tartar quickly especially if there is no maintenance cleaning being done. You can look in your pet’s mouth for inflamed red gums, bad breath, tartar build, and sensitivity to the touch. If you see any of this, ensure to schedule your pet for a dental exam right away.

February is Pet Dental Health Care Month. We offer 25% off pet dentals and 10% off pet dental care products. This is a great time to come in for your pet’s yearly teeth cleaning and also a great time to try a new dental product like a dental chew or pet toothpaste.

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