Dec 30 2018

5 Pet New Year’s Resolutions & Promotions

We wish you and your pets a Happy New Year!

1.) New Year’s Resolution #1: Ensure Vaccines and Microchip Registration Are Up To Date.

It is important for a pet’s health to keep them up to date on their vaccines. Nowadays more pets are going out on adventures with their family and so the risk for them coming across a possible virus can increase. Even if your pet does not go out, they can still run the risk of a family member accidentally tracking something home to them on their shoes or clothing. Be safe and vaccinate your pet. Keep records of your pet’s vaccines with you as many times you may need this information for boarding, grooming, etc. This is also a great time to ensure your pet is microchipped and if they are, ensure that all of your information on the chip is accurate and that the chip is registered. Many pet owners assume that when they adopt a pet, that the registration is done already. Most of the time it is not.

New Year’s Resolution Promotion for week 12/30/18-1/5/19 is $5 off Microchip & 10% off Vaccines done this week only. Promotion cannot be combined with other discounts and cannot be extended.

2.) New Year’s Resolution #2; Keep Your Pets Clean & Comfortable With Routine Grooming

Routine grooming is important for your pets. Bathing, brushing, nail trimming, gland expression, and ear cleaning, are all part of the grooming process. It is uncomfortable and can be painful for pets to walk on their overgrown nails, have tangles pulling on their skin, or have dirt irritating their skin. Routine grooming can prevent ingrown nails, skin infections, and promotes not only a happier pet, but one that smells and feels better too. If you bathe your pet at home, they can be brought in just for nail trimming and gland expression as many pet owners do not know how to do those services. We also offer “clean up” baths, where we bathe and blow dry them in between their routine grooming, so they are kept clean while saving you from having to bathe them at home.

New Year’s Resolution Promotion for week 1/6/19-1/12/19 is all pets in for grooming this week will be given a voucher for a free blueberry facial at their next 4 week grooming appointment. All pets in for grooming this week will also be entered in to a raffle to win a free grooming for their pet.

3.) New Year’s Resolution #3: Healthy Pet, Healthy Weight.

It is said that if you have an overweight pet, you are not getting enough exercise. A new years resolution for many of us is often to lose weight, well it is the same for pets too. Along with extra exercise, a health exam with a weight loss plan is a great way to start the new year for your pet.  When your pet comes in for an exam, the doctor will examine your pet and can let you know your pet’s ideal weight so that then there is a goal for you to reach. A blood panel may be recommended to check other factors like thyroid levels that can effect your pet’s weight. A prescription low calorie diet along with low fat treats may also be recommended. Measuring your pet’s food and following feeding instructions for your pet’s weight can make a big difference.

New Year’s Resolution Promotion for week 1/13/19-1/19/19 is 10% off Senior Pet Panels and a Free Bag of Metabolic Treats with purchase of Metabolic Diet for weight loss.     

4.) New Year’s Resolution #4: Flea/Parasite/Heartworm Control  

Though the weather still seems a bit chilly in the new year, it is never cold enough here to totally stop fleas from biting and flea eggs from hatching.  Same for ticks and mosquitoes. Year round protection is recommended and if you have stopped giving treatments to your pets, this is a great time to start again. If you do this now, your pet will have a better Spring and Summer. Heartworm testing annually is recommended and if your pet is not up to date with testing, this is a great time to do.

New Year’s Resolution Promotion for week 1/20/19- 1/26/19 is $5 off Heartworm testing. We also have several coupons and  mail-in rebates for flea/heartworm prevention.

  1. New Year’s Resolution #5: Brush Your Pet’s Teeth And Keep Up Dental Care

Taking care of your pets teeth can add years to their life. Get a routine set up for brushing your pet’s teeth daily. Have the pet toothpaste and toothbrush readily available so that it is easier on you to do. Make it a fun and rewarding routine for your pet. Example would be to brush their teeth at the time you take them for a walk or give them their favorite treat right after they get their teeth brushed. Always look at your pet’s teeth and gums as plaque and bacteria can build up fast. Routine dental cleanings can help remove heavy plaque and get your pets healthier and help freshen their breath.

New Year’s Resolution Promotion for week 1/27/19-1/31/19 is free dental treat samples. We can also look at your pet’s teeth and let you know what condition your pets teeth are in. Schedule for a dental cleaning in February and receive 25% off dental.  










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