Aug 30 2018

September is Senior Pet Care Month

Did you know that a pet is considered senior at age 7 years and older? In September we like to take the whole month to not only celebrate senior pets but also remind pet owners of the importance of senior pet care.

We recommend wellness exams to be done on senior pets twice a year. We also recommend screening tests annually. Just as we have our cholesterol and blood pressure checked more often as we grow older, it is suggested our older pets need some routine checks too. Diabetes, kidney disease, and some hormonal diseases occur much more frequently in older animals.

To test for these conditions and identify them before severe and/or irreversible damage is done, blood tests are helpful. An abnormal result means we can diagnose and treat the condition early. Normal results are helpful in giving us a baseline with which we can compare future results. Many of our older animals are also on medications and may require tests to evaluate the medication level and/or potential harmful effects on various organs.

Dental health care is also very important for senior pets. Keeping your pet’s teeth clean, reduces the amount of bacteria that can build up in your pet’s mouth that can cause severe dental disease and could also affect your pets heart and organs. Home maintenance with dental chews and pet toothpaste is very beneficial, but some senior pets have too much plaque and require a full dental cleaning. The deep cleaning allows the plaque and bacteria under the gums to be removed. Removing this before it gets to the roots, can help reduce the amount of teeth that need extracting.

In September, we offer 25% off pet dental cleanings and 15% off senior panels. Schedule an appointment for your senior pet today!

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