May 22 2018

Fighting Mosquitoes & Heartworms With A Double Defense.

Most of us like to spend time outside with our dogs and enjoy the nice weather that Southern California brings. While enjoying outside activities, we want to protect our families and pets against mosquito bites. We encourage pet owners to eliminate breeding grounds and use repellents to keep mosquitoes away. A single dog can be bitten more than 80 times by mosquitoes in a single evening. It takes just one mosquito to transmit heartworm infection from one heartworm-infected dog to another dog in the community.

It is vital to eliminate breeding grounds like sitting water from your environment. Also encourage your neighbors and community to do the same. Infected mosquitoes can travel far but can also just go from one yard to the other. Mosquitoes can reproduce wherever there is as little as one inch of standing water. This can be created from sprinklers, a light rain, etc. Female mosquitoes must feed on blood several times in order to lay eggs. Each one can lay several hundred eggs. Eliminate mosquito breeding grounds by emptying and washing outdoor water bowls daily, empty baby pools, buckets, and bird baths when not in use. Resolve any landscaping areas where water from sprinklers or rain can pool. Keep screens on any open windows and doors. Mosquitoes can come indoors, to the pets that enjoy staying inside the house.

Now, in addition to the monthly heartworm prevention pills like Sentinel Spectrum, for your dogs, we recommend the monthly use of a topical mosquito repellent insecticide like Vectra 3D. There is new research that shows that these two products used together work better than either one individually, including with resistant heartworm strains that have emerged in recent years. This double defense is a great way to keep your dog protected from heartworms, help repel the mosquitoes, and more! To find out more information, please call us 714-771-3261.

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