Dec 21 2017

Coyote Attacks On The Rise In Orange County

With more homes and developments growing, there is also a spike in wildlife moving in to suburban areas. Some of the local fires have also drawn in a lot of wildlife. We have seen an increase in coyote sightings and  attacks on pets in neighborhoods. Within the past few weeks we have treated several dogs that survived coyote attacks. We would like to share a few of these stories in hopes that it can help other pet owners become more aware of the dangers of coyotes that have now become a danger to our loving pets.

Lexie is a 5 year old terrier mix. She lives in Orange near Hewes/Fairhaven. At 10:30 am, her owner went to the neighbors house. She did not realize that the front door did not click closed behind her. Lexie is known to always follow her mom where ever she goes. This time, Lexie walked out without her mom knowing. Within seconds, Lexie’s mom heard her yelp. She turned around and saw Lexie in the mouth of an x-large coyote. Per the owner he was the size of a Great Dane.  He began to run up the hill with her. Lexie’s mom chased him as she yelled. The coyote dropped Lexie at the driveway and then picked her up again and continued to run. The chase continued.

He dropped her again but this time Lexie ran for her life. She ran past her owner and up a flight of 22 stairs. The coyote chased her up the stairs as the owner trailed behind them. He then picked Lexie up at the front door step and dropped her again. At this time, her mom was able to scoop her off the ground. The coyote ran away. She then drove her right to our facility. Lexie received emergency care right away. She had multiple bite wounds. One of the bites on the face resulted in the loss of her eye. What was most important was that she survived. Our veterinarian said that it helped that Lexie had some extra fat on her and that she was wearing a sweater and a harness as the coyote was unable to get a good grip on her with his mouth. Lexie is getting daily treatment for her wounds and pain medicine. Her spirits are high and her owner visits with her daily. Lexie fought with all her might and her mom also stayed strong and did not give up on the pursuit. It was not until later that her mom thought about the danger that she was also in. The coyote could have attacked her also as he did not seem to be scared of humans at all.

Gonsito and Lola are two year old Shih-Tzus. These two dogs live off Santiago Canyon Road. At about 9:30 pm, their owner’s son let them out in the backyard before it was time for bed. The owners where inside the house when they heard their pets crying. They ran to the backyard. They first found Gonsito with bloody injuries on his body. Lola was farther in the yard and also had blood injuries. Their owners rushed them to the 24 hour emergency hospital. They were both treated right away. Lola had bite wounds on her face that resulted in the loss of her eye. These dogs were both lucky to have survived. Having the two dogs together may have helped them survive the attack against this coyote. The emergency hospital had the owner bring them in to our office for a recheck. Our veterinarian was able to check the wounds and give pain medication. We are so happy that these two dogs survived.

Please keep your pets indoors as much as possible. Coyotes can jump high fences, are not scared of humans, and they are hungry. Be aware of your surroundings when you are on walks with your pets as the coyotes are known to pick up dogs even when on a leash. Sites like Coyote Cacher, and Facebook Page OC Coyote, are also good to follow so that you are aware of any coyote sightings near your home. We love your pets and we will be here to help care for them if anything ever happens to them. Let’s keep them safe and happy.

-Susan Aranda



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