Mar 14 2017

Our Veterinarians Are Your Pet’s Superheroes!

A true superhero is one that has a lot of care for the well being of others. They do all that they can to help those in need. They are problem solvers. They find the strength within them to help others through difficult times. They practice at doing good. They work hard. When not saving lives and coming to the rescue, they are just ordinary people, they may even wear glasses.

Our veterinarians fit this criteria. When you ask our veterinarians why they decided to work with animals, they will say that they wanted to help those that cannot help themselves. You may also hear that they have loved animal since they were kids. They may let you know that they were always interested in veterinary medicine.  The biggest reason is that they want to help animals and also help pet owners. They went through a lot of schooling. They not only had to learn about cats and dogs, they also had to learn about cows, pigs, and other types of animals.

When your pet is sick and you walk in to our veterinary office, you are probably coming in because you do not know what to do to help your furry family member. When you ask for the help, our veterinarians are here for you. They have to use their “special powers” to help your pet. This “special power” is their knowledge. With hard cases it can be a difficult battle. They do not give up. Though there is a cost to take care of your pets, money is never a reason for our veterinarians to want to help your pet.

Our veterinarians use a lot of different tools to help your pets. Whether it is an antibiotic, a surgery tool, or their skilled hands, they use them to help your pets. Though they do not have x-ray vision, they do have an x-ray machine. They have to look at the x-ray and make sense out of it. When all we can see is the pet from the outside, they see the entire body with “x-ray vision” and know what is normal and what is not. They come to the rescue with what will help your pet.

So when you come in to the Pet Hospital and your pet is being helped by our veterinarians, realize that your pet is being helped by a superhero!

-Susan Aranda

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