Jan 27 2017

Pets and Eye Health

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. That is very true but in pets it can also be the windows in to their health. Fogginess, discharge, redness, swelling, etc., can be signs of a serious problem.

The earlier an eye condition is caught, the better. Pet Hospital can perform several tests on pet’s eyes to test their tear production, test for eye infections, injury to the cornea, test their eye pressure and more. In order to provide the best eye care for your pet, it is vital that you recognize some of the more common eye conditions such as the following.

Corneal ulcers can be created by a scratch on a pet’s eye. This can be very uncomfortable for the pet. If this goes untreated, the ulcer can create serious damage to the pet’s eye. To test injury to the cornea, we apply a special  fluorescent stain. This can highlight any damage to the cornea. Immediate treatment is recommended, which may include eye drops and an elizabethan collar to avoid pet scratching at eyes.     

Dry eye is a condition caused by the loss of a pet’s tear production. This is similar to dry eye in people. It causes dry, itchy, painful eyes and can lead to conjunctivitis, loss of vision and corneal ulcers. Pet Hospital tests the eyes to measure the amount of tear production. If results show low tear production, then eye medication to restore and replace will be prescribed. This medicine is usually required to use twice a day for the rest of the pet’s life. .  

Glaucoma is a condition where there is an increase in pressure in the eye. Unlike in people, glaucoma in pets will happen suddenly instead of slowly. This can be very painful for the pet and can lead to blindness. We can do an eye pressure test right away. If the eye pressure is high, immediate treatment with medication is recommended. A pet with glaucoma is considered an emergency. Any eye that looks red should have the pressure tested. 

Cataracts are opacity of the lenses that have many causes such as slow oxidation of the lenses from ultra violet light exposure or trauma to the lenses. This can cause difficulty in the pet’s vision and can also lead to glaucoma or complete blindness.      

Conjunctivitis can be commonly seen in pet’s eyes. This can be caused by inflamed tissue, infections, dry eyes, trauma, or allergies. This can be uncomfortable for the pet.  Some pets may rub at eyes, causing further damage. We would recommend medication to help soothe the eye irritation and allergies.  

The following are some signs to look for in your pet that may be having some trouble with their eyes.

  • Your pet rubbing on their eyes with paws or on furniture
  • Excessive squinting, tearing from eyes
  • Discharge in eyes
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Cloudiness
  • Change in texture on the eye surface
  • Eyes seem dull or dry 

Protecting your pet’s eyes is important. Do not wait to get your pet’s eyes checked. Call us right away if you see anything abnormal. The sooner that testing and treatment is done on the pet’s eyes, the better chances to avoid serious complications. Often something minor turns into a major problem quickly. We recommend a yearly wellness exam for pets which includes a thorough ophthalmology exam. Call us today 714-771-3261.

-Susan Aranda

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