Dec 08 2016

The benefits of Spaying and Neutering your pets

Spaying and neutering your pets can not only help remedy the number of homeless animals, but it also provides several other benefits to animals. According to the Humane Society of the United States, it is estimated that between 6 and 8 million homeless animals enter shelters each year. More than half of those animals are never adopted.

Spaying is done on females and involves removing the uterus and the ovaries. Neutering is done on males and involves the removal of the testicles. Both of these surgeries are done under general anesthesia and the pets go home the same day. It is usually recommended to do the surgery at 6 months of age depending on breed and size of pet.  In larger breeds they are less prone to develop hip, knee, and elbow problems when the surgery is performed after 12 months of age.

When a pet is not spayed or neutered, it may cause them to want to roam to find a mate. This may cause them to stray away from home or be hard to take on walks, especially when other pets are around.  Such wandering can cause your pet to risk injury from a car, other pets, or wildlife. Sometimes it may even cost you a visit to the pound to pick them up. Other issues that unaltered pets may bring about is aggression and marking of territory. Altering a pet can reduce this.

A big plus to spaying and neutering is reducing or eliminating the risk of many conditions and diseases in pets. These include testicular cancer, breast cancer (dogs) uterine infection and more.  These surgeries will not change the personality of the pet in a negative way and do not cause the animals to become lethargic or gain weight.

If you or someone you know may be interested in getting their pet spayed or neutered, please call our office to schedule an appointment today. (714)771-3261

-Susan Aranda



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