Dec 01 2016

A Story of Dr. Wiatt’s Dog Named Rip

As a Veterinarian I spend each day caring for pets at Pet Hospital. At home I have my own two dogs. I wanted to share the story of my dog named Rip. He is a 13 year old Pitbull. I have had him since he was a puppy. Throughout the years he struggled with allergies, arthritis, knee surgeries, and more. In previous years he also struggled with Cancer, luckily he was able to make it through. In April of this year he began having trouble walking on his rear legs. I ended up taking him to a specialist and it was found that he actually had a cancerous tumor on his spine.  He was only given a few months to live. As a pet owner this was heartbreaking to hear. As a Veterinarian it was even harder as there was nothing more that could really be done for him. So I took him home to care for him and give him extra love and comfort.

If you knew Rip, you would know that he is a very funny, kind, and loving dog. We have had to modify his activity since he can’t walk anymore. He goes on walks in a red wagon daily. He has a urinary catheter placed to help him be more comfortable when urinating. He has an orthopedic memory foam bed, and gets a healthy diet and treats. He still has the shine in his eyes of a puppy and plays with his stuffed animals when he is in his bed.

My other dog is Scarlette, she is a Pitbull also. She has adjusted to the change in Rip and still tries to cuddle and play with him. They actually have their own Facebook page under Rip and Scarlette. There is pictures of them hanging out and stories from a dog’s point of view are shared. Since Rip became sick, we invited their Facebook followers to write letters to him. The letters get sent to Pet Hospital and I take them home and read him the cards. He also gets toys and treats. Recently we had an artist send him some water color paintings. I was truly touched by the story that came along with these paintings. The artist wrote the following in the card. “Rip and Scarlette’s story has inspired me over the last few months. Most recently pictures of the two of them have inspired my painting. I had a stroke last year, so my ability to paint is not as good but I hope you enjoy them”. I am so amazed by all the support my dog is getting by people that do not even know him. It really shows the importance of pets and the cheer, inspiration, and love they can bring in to our lives.

I will keep working with Rip, giving him the happiest life that I can. I am lucky to be a Veterinarian to be able to give him the treatment and medication that he needs to be comfortable. I have had him for close to 13 years and appreciate his companionship. I hope that my personal story helps anyone that may be going through a rough time with their own pet. Just be strong and give your pet as much love as possible.    Dr. William Wiatt

If you would like to visit their page on Facebook it is:

If you want to send Rip a card you can mail it here to Pet Hospital 3411 E. Chapman Orange, Ca. 92869

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