Nov 02 2016

How do I know if my pet could benefit from Chiropractic Care?

Many pets can benefit from Pet Chiropractic Care. The service that we provide here is called a Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (V.O.M.). We first start with a physical exam of your pet. At the initial visit we will take a history of how your pet has been doing at home. Has your pet been having difficulty jumping up or down? Difficulty walking up or down the stairs? Holding neck down? Hesitant to go on walks? Seems tender or sensitive to touch? These could all be signs of your pet having some discomfort with back pain or other areas of the body.

The great benefit from the V.O.M. is that you can see results almost immediately. The veterinarian will use a hand held device commonly known as the “activator method”. If there is a problem with a specific area, the V.O.M. can detect and reduce the problem quickly without pain or injury. If an area on your pet is found to be problematic, the veterinarian may also recommend radiographs to get a more detailed picture of what is going on in that specific area. V.O.M. is a healing technology that locates areas of an animal’s nervous system, which have been injured, and then manipulates these areas to induce healing. The veterinarian may recommend your pet to return for several more sessions depending on severity.

There have been many success stories with pets that have come in unable to walk and after one or two sessions of V.O.M. treatments, the pets begin walking. Once example is of my very own dog named Chico. He jumped out of my arms one day and then started holding his rear leg up right away. I thought for sure he broke his leg. I brought him in to see Dr. Wiatt and he did a V.O.M. on him. I could see his lower back reacting to the treatment, as that was the area where he was found to have some pinched nerves. As soon as he was done with his V.O.M. treatment, we placed him on the floor and he was no longer limping. He was back to his old self and began to run and jump again. We did several more V.O.M. treatments on him a few weeks apart and I could tell he felt like a million bucks.

If you feel your pet may be a candidate for a V.O.M. treatment, please give us a call to set up an appointment with one of our veterinarians.

-Susan Aranda



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