Oct 26 2016

Tips on brushing and combing your pets.

As we come up on cooler weather, we would like to share some tips on brushing and combing  your pets. As the days get cooler, some pet owners may decide to keep their pet’s hair longer. To help prevent tangles and mats in longer haired pets, we recommend to invest in a “fine toothed comb”, a “curved universal brush” and a “straight brush”. For short haired pets, we recommend a “rubber zoom groom brush.” These brushes and combs can be found at any pet store, we also carry some here.

For short haired pets we recommend brushing your pet with the rubber brush at least every two weeks. If they are shedding, once a week brushing may be needed. The “rubber fingers” on the brush will help pick up the loose hair on your pet. Brush with the grain of their hair and also against the grain of the hair to help get more hair brushed out. For those pets with a thicker coat, you may then follow up with the universal curved brush to get in to the under coat of the pet.

For longer haired pets, we recommend to start with the curved universal brush. You should brush with the grain of the pets hair. For pets with thicker and or longer hair, you may need to brush the hair out in layers. Separate the hair in to sections and again brush with the grain of the hair. After brushing your pet, we recommend to follow with a comb to get any small tangles not caught by the brush. If you find tangles that the comb will not go through, you may need to follow up in that area with the brush again. If the tangle is very tight and close to the skin, it may need to be shaved out. We do not recommend for you to shave or cut your pet’s tangles out at home unless you have grooming experience. To help avoid an accidental cut of the skin, we recommend the groomer shave or cut out the tangle that cannot be brushed out. The groomers also carry other tools that can be used to detangle the hair without having to shave it out. Once you have brushed with the curved universal brush and comb, follow up with the straight brush. This will help finish up the brushing and help the hair lay flat.

Maintenance brushing and combing at home will help keep your pet tangle free. Maintenance grooming visits with the groomer can also help keep your pet’s hair looking it’s best. Please call us if you have any questions about brushing or combing your pets. Our groomers are here to help.

-Susan Aranda

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