Oct 05 2016

Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Halloween can be fun but spooky for your pets.The following are some Halloween safety tips for your pets.

Costumes: We recommend to only place costumes on your pets if they enjoy wearing them. Do not place a costume on your pet if it will cause them stress and or anxiety. If you still want them to participate in the Halloween festivities, think about placing a Halloween bandana or collar on them. Another idea is to have the groomer give them a fun haircut like a lion cut. The groomer can also add some safe pet hair color.

Candy: Keep all candy away from your pets. Chocolates and gum can be toxic to your pets. The wrappers can also pose a choking hazard. Ensure to keep candy bowls out of reach of your pets. Do not forget to let kids know to keep their candy sacks away from where a pet can get to them. If your pet does get in to the candy we recommend you call us right away or if after hours call the emergency pet clinic.

Halloween decorations: Curious pets may get burned from candles or knock over candle holders or pumpkins. Keep wires from Halloween lights tucked away from pets.Halloween decorations like pumpkins or decorative corn can be relatively non-toxic but can cause an upset stomach if eaten. Small details on decorations like a dangling spider, wiggly eyeballs, etc., may catch the curiosity of your pet and could be ingested. We recommend to keep these out of reach of  your pet especially if you notice your pet seems extra interested.

Noise stress: Halloween, can be noisy with trick or treaters ringing the doorbell or knocking at the door. This can cause stress for your pet. It is recommended to keep your pet in a separate room with music or a t.v. on to help distract from noise. Some pets may also benefit from stress relief treats, or possibly light sedatives. Always keep door secure when you open it to give candy. You do not want a frightened pet to run out. Ensure your pet has a collar on and microchip identification is up to date in case your pet does run out.

Participation: Will your pet be friendly to trick or treaters? Some families choose to have their pets greet trick or treaters at the door or take them trick or treating with them. If you decide to do this, ensure that your pet will not be aggressive towards trick or treaters that may be in frightening costumes. Pets want to protect their families, but in doing so may bite a trick or treater. Be cautious.

Pet Friendly Halloween Events: There are a lot of pet friendly Halloween events in October. These events are a great time for pets especially for those that like to show off their costumes. We have our yearly Howloween Pet Event and Fundraiser on Sunday October 16, 2016 3-6pm. With a pet costume contest, silent auction, photo booth and more. We will then be at Orange Home Grown Farmers Market Howloween Petacular on Saturday October 22, 2016 9am-1pm.

If you have any questions regarding Halloween safety and your pets, please give us a call! (714)771-3261

-Susan Aranda


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