Sep 13 2016

Should I DNA Test My Dog?

If you have a furry family member and you want to know more about them, we suggest the Embark DNA Test. It does not require a blood sample. A simple saliva test, mailing it out and reviewing it, is all it takes.

What Is It? Embark DNA test for dogs is a test that gives you more data and insights in to not only the breed of your dog but also the health, the ancestry and much more. It gives you a lot more information in comparison to most other dog DNA tests out in the market.

When you purchase Embark from Pet Hospital it also includes a consultation with the Veterinarian to discuss the results. This helps to create an even better connection to your pet’s health care. DNA samples are obtained easily via your pet’s saliva,similar to other dog DNA tests.

We carry Embark DNA tests in-house for faster collection. Once sample is collected, we will send it out for you. Embark then runs 160 genetic tests on your dog. Some of he results may alert us to potential diseases. Embark is known for their accuracy of their results. They use over 200,000 genetic markers to evaluate your dog’s breed heritage, and tests many different possible genetic ancestry combinations for your dog.

Embark can predict the full expected size and weight of your puppy, and for already adult dogs, helps owners evaluate if their dog is overweight or not (50% of dogs in America are overweight). Proper weight helps to ensure your dog lives a healthier life. The other great feature of Embark is that it has a great interactive guide with easy-to-use app. This allows you to share the information about your pet’s DNA. .

Embark can also detect your dog’s genetic age, which is a great benefit for pet owners. Sometimes you adopt a dog unsure of the age and so we have to estimate by the condition of their teeth etc. Knowing the age of your dog can be beneficial for health reasons. Knowing when they will be a senior pet, if you should feed a senior diet, run blood work, etc., is important.

They give a lot more DNA data than competitors, providing a great history of your dog’s ancestors and over 160 tests for health issues.Knowing ahead of time, what your dog’s health issues may be, allows you to be a step ahead. Being a step ahead can help improve your dog’s lifespan through preventative care etc. There are other types of things the Embark DNA test results can let us know. Will your dog shed a lot? Will your dog have tendencies to be high energy or have behavioral tendencies? What type of pet food is going to be best for your dog to give the best nutrition? All of this and more in a simple swab.

Though the test results do take longer (6-8 weeks) it is worth the wait. Once the results come in, we set up a consultation appointment with the veterinarian. Give us a call today to schedule an Embark DNA Test for your dog! (714)771-3261

-Susan Aranda

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