Sep 07 2016

The Importance of Pet Vaccines

As an AAHA accredited hospital we have to implement standards that help protect not only your pet from getting sick but to prevent other pets in the hospital from contracting pathogens as well. We are counted on to ensure the best quality and standard of care for your pet. This is why we are enforcing our vaccine requirements even more than before. The recommendations have not changed but due to the increasing number of respiratory pathogens in dogs, we need your pet’s immunity to the common one (Parainfluenza, Adenovirus II and Bordetella) to be assured when exposed to the grooming and boarding environment.

We require all boarding and grooming pets to be up to date on vaccines. Proof must be shown upon arrival for appointment. If proof cannot be given then we may have to reschedule appointment until proof can be submitted. Vaccines can be given the same day if you choose to leave your pet with us. For cats we require FVRCP, Rabies and FeLV. The FeLV is only required if your cat is younger than 3 years old. For dogs we require DAPP, Rabies, and Bordetella. The Bordetella vaccine is required every 6 months. If your pet has a condition where they cannot receive vaccines, we ask that you bring  letter from the diagnosing Veterinarian stating the situation. We will do our very best to try and accommodate these specific incidences while still ensuring your pet’s health.

Why is this better? Upper respiratory disease in dogs and cats is very common. Pets may remain contagious for weeks beyond apparent recovery. Some pets can even spread respiratory disease when they weren’t observably sick or coughing. Cats can carry rhinovirus for life and spread it to other cats when stressed. Rabies is transmissible to dogs, cats, and people. Rabies vaccine protects the owner and any other person that may be bitten by pet. Vaccines not only protect your pet but everyone’s pets too!

*Currently there are only vaccines for a select few of the pathogens dogs can contract. There are over 12 pathogens that dogs can contract.

*50% of dogs in the U.S. and Canada are sero-positive for respiratory coronavirus. Co-infections are usually more severe so vaccines are helpful even for pets contracting organisms for which there is no vaccine as they have a lower chance of getting multiple diseases.

If you have any questions about vaccines and your pets, please call us (714)771-3261.

-Susan Aranda


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