Aug 19 2016

Get Your Cat To The Vet Without A Cat-astrophe!

There are many benefits for bringing your Cats for Vet Visits and Grooming. This can be done without it being a Cat-astrophe.Knowing the benefits of bringing your cat in along with tips on how to make it easier may help you. Annually there is a special day on August 22nd called National Bring Your Cat To The Vet Day. This is a day to help remind cat owners the importance of bringing cats in. There are many benefits in routine exam and grooming visits. We will discuss some here along with a new great treatment that can be given to your cat to make the visit even better.

Cats are very special furry friends. They age more rapidly than humans. By a cat’s first year birthday they are about 15 in human years. By the age of 8 human years they are about 48 in cat years. So just as we need different levels of care as we age, cats need the same. Though they may appear to look healthy, they should have their blood work checked annually especially after the age of 7 years.Cats tend to hide their illnesses very well. Their natural survival instinct is to never show they are ill or weak. Many times a cat can appear perfectly normal but could be at the beginning stages of a serious health condition.

As a kitten they only have 26 teeth but as adults they have 30 teeth. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of dental care in cats. Can you remember the last time you looked at your cat’s teeth? They do not tend to show their teeth as much as dogs do so periodontal disease could easily go unnoticed. Yearly dental exams are important to start at the age of 3 years and older. Dental cleanings along with dental x-rays yearly can help your cat live longer. Since the bacteria in the mouth can filter through the body, we commonly see cats with kidney problems due to this bacteria in the mouth.

Over 50% of cats are overweight or obese. When your cat comes in for an exam, they will be weighed. Overweight cats are at risk of diabetes, heart, respiratory, and kidney disease and more. The veterinarian can help get your pet on a diet. With a proper diet plan, your cat can easily get to a healthy weight.

Cats need grooming too. They tend to groom themselves so may not need as much grooming as dogs do, but there are many things that they cannot do. Trimming nails, cleaning ears, removing mats, washing oily hair, etc., are all things that a groomer can take care of for your cat.

So now that we have discussed a few points of the importance of bringing your cat in, we will now talk about how to make it easier. One of the most helpful practices that we have put in to place is the administration of a medication named Gabapentin. Most commonly known to be used for pain relief in dogs and cats, it also works very well in calming cats and reduces the fear in cats. This can facilitate exams, blood draws, and grooming. We can give this in-house and/or prescribe it for your cat so that it can be given to them at home prior to their trip here.

At home it is recommended to have their carrier be a familiar part of their surroundings. Keep it out and place their toys and favorite blankets in there. Play with them through the peep holes of the carrier. Give them treats. Doing this will help them not be scared of the carrier. Spraying the interior with a phermone spray can also add more familiarity to it.

Stay calm at all times as cats can sense when we are nervous or anxious and that will cause them to feel the same way. Remember what you are doing is not a punishment, it is to help your cat. Why be nervous about helping your cat?  Do not yell at your cat if he does sense something as then he will really think something is wrong. Just clear your mind and remember how much you love your cat and how much better your cat will be once the visit is all done. Again getting the Gabapentin prescription will make a huge difference.

If you would like to bring your cat in, call us today. We will be more than happy to help you. If you mention this blog post, we will offer the first Gabapentin treatment free for you cat! (714)771-3261

-Susan Aranda



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