Aug 16 2016

Disaster Preparation For Your Pet

As we have recently seen across the country natural and man-made disasters can come up quickly anywhere and at anytime. Ensure you are prepared. There are many simple steps to take now that could help save your pets. When a disaster happens, you will most likely know where your important documents, valuables, etc., are. You should be able to have the same for your pets. Is the leash in one room, the bowls and food in another, the carrier in a high shelf in storage? It is recommended to have all the pet items in one familiar and easy to get to place.

Make a pet disaster kit. Place it all in an easy to carry backpack or for smaller pets, use a carrier. Inside should have enough food and water for a week. Your pet would probably appreciate some treats in there too. For cats, you can place a litter box and litter in the bag. A bowl for food and water that collapse would be beneficial as they will not take up as much room. Leashes, collars, and harnesses are important to have to ensure you can keep a hold of your pet. Put in a first aid kit along with vaccine and medical records. A current picture and especially one with you in it, is important. Take a selfie with your pet and print it out. A list of emergency contacts, veterinarian’s business card, and a list and instructions of any of your pet’s medications. Warm blankets, bedding, doggie bags, and some favorite toys should be included. Place them in a trash bag, as that trash bag may also come in handy.

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If you are asked to evacuate your home, make sure to take your pet with you. Sometimes things can change and you never know if you will be able to return to your home right away or if it will be days. Find somewhere safe for you and your pets. Most evacuation shelters will not take in pets. There may be a pet friendly evacuation center nearby, but if you want to stay with your pet, then a hotel or a friend’s house would be the next option. If you need to take your pet to a boarding facility, look for a boarding facility outside of your area as the closer ones may fill up fast.

Ensure your pet has current tags and is microchipped. This will help ensure you get reunited if you get separated and someone finds your pet. If your pet should become lost, go to the local shelter. You can also connect with local veterinarians or pet rescues for help. If there is a chance that you will not be home during an evacuation, ensure that you have an assigned friend or neighbor that can help evacuate your pets and meet you in a designated location.

We hope that you and your pets never have to be in any type of disaster that would deem an evacuation. If something ever comes up, we want you to be that you and your furry family can be safe. If you have any questions about what else you can do to help prepare, give us a call (714)771-3261.

-Susan Aranda

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