Jul 15 2016

5 Great Apps/Vendors To Create And Print Your Pet Pictures!

Those expression filled puppy eyes that make you melt…that kitty face you adore…

These pictures you love are stuck on your digital devices, begging to be printed. But, life is too busy. I get it.  

HERE ARE QUICK and EASY SOLUTIONS I found to help me print my pets’ pictures:

I snap MANY images of my 4 pets every week on my phone. (Can’t help it – they are SO cute and I’m a pet photographer, so my phone is FULL!) Besides posting them to Instagram, these snapshots of my own babies tend to live on my phone and get forgotten UNTIL I discovered a monthly service that prints my phone pics that I LOVE!

• Timeshel for iPhone users
Beautiful prints delivered monthly. At the end of each month, upload your favorite images from your phone to the app and TimeShel will print and ship to you. Easy peasy – you can do it! (Version for Android coming soon.)

For printing pictures you have taken with your camera, I highly suggest these two labs listed below. In fact, when clients have me take their pet’s portraits and they purchase digital files, I always suggest this first option (Mpix) for them to go online and order high quality artwork from. I’m confident their images will be printed in correct color, unlike some box stores.

• Mpix.com for professional grade printing that anyone can use. Canvases and many other products too!
• ArtifactUprising.com also great quality and really cool products! Easy app for your phone that you can order from! 

If your phone camera image needs a little editing before you print (cropping, lightening, etc.), then Snapseed is the app for you. It’s free and very easy to use. Another great app is called BarkCam.  This one is a picture app (also free) that has different noises pets respond to so you can snap the picture with them looking into the lens. 

I’m here to help!

Anything else you’d like to know about photos or printing? Just ask! If you’d like me to photograph your shy cat, hyper puppy or aging companion doggie, simply click here: Greyboy Pet Prints. We also create handmade works of art from your OWN pet photo using an etching process and printing press.

I’m happy to answer any questions you have and point you in the best direction for you and your family as you find a way to print and start enjoying your favorite memories of that furry best friend! Click on the Greyboy link above to ask any questions or share with us that kitty or doggie face you adore!

So, go print your favorite picture and start enjoying it at home or at the office! You can do it!


Written by Mandi from Greyboy Pet Prints

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