Jul 12 2016

Protecting Your Pets From Coyotes

There are many Coyote sightings in Orange County. Unfortunately, some of our loving pets have become prey to many of these Coyotes. Luckily we have been able to save the lives of many pets that have been found attacked by Coyotes. Some of the attacks we have seen are in urban areas where pet owners never expected to come across a Coyote. In recent years, especially with more housing developments in rural areas, there has been an increase in the Coyote population. If your pet is attacked by a Coyote, every minute counts. Take your pet to a pet emergency clinic right away so treatment can be done. Coyotes bites will usually cause more severe injuries than a dog bite.

Many Coyotes have figured out ways to survive in urban areas and the offspring of these generations are being brought up with urban areas being part of their “normal” surroundings. Coyotes are very athletic and quick. They are known to jump over very high walls. When they are hungry, their motivation is to eat for survival. Coyotes tend to hunt between sunset and sunrise, but can still be seen during other hours of the day.They are also very protective of their families and so they may behave more aggressively if they feel threatened. When it comes to prey, they will become even more aggressive and may not shy away from running right up to you and your pet, to attempt in taking their “prey” which may happen to be your pet.

Be aware of the Coyote presence in your neighborhood or in areas that you walk your dogs in. This can help you know where to avoid walking and also that you need to increase the awareness of the protection your pets may need at home. You should never allow your cat or small dogs outdoors alone,  even if you have a high fence. Fully fenced off enclosures like dog runs may be an option for pets that need to be left outdoors. Larger dogs can also become victims to the bite of a Coyote. They may not be able to be taken over the fence like a smaller pet, but can be severely injured. Do not leave pet food or water bowls out. This may attract Coyotes to your yard. Store trash in enclosed containers. Any potential food or water source should be taken away. We are here to help answer any question about protecting your pets and if you do get in a situation with a Coyote attack please call us right away (714)771-3261 or the nearest pet emergency clinic.

There a few vests that are made that are especially designed to prevent Coyote injuries. We are unsure how well they work, but they may be an option for your pet.

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Written by Susan Lopez from Pet Hospital

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