Jul 06 2016

Traveling With Your Pet

Summer time travel is in full swing. If you plan on traveling with your pets, we have some tips for you.

1. Make sure to choose pet friendly travel locations. There are many places now that welcome pets, just make sure to plan ahead.

2. Your pet should be put in a kennel or a pet seat belt. This will help ensure their safety in case of an accident. Many times, pets travel more comfortably in a kennel with their blankets and toys.

3. Plan potty breaks. You are most likely familiar with your pet’s “time for potty”. Keep that in mind with your travel time. You want to be able to pull over in to a safe area for them to go potty. The side of the road can be busy and dangerous. Keep an eye on the surroundings when you do find an area to ensure it is free or broken glass, snakes, and other road hazards.

4. Do not leave your pet in the car unattended. In the day it can get very hot and at night they can  become scared with the darkness and unfamiliar area.

5. Make sure they have their tags on and their microchip information is up to date. Sometimes a pet during travel can get lost. This can ensure they can be identified and be reunited with you if they do get lost. Carry a photo of them in your wallet or phone in case you need to show proof of ownership.

6. Bring plenty of water and a water bowl. Pets will want to drink when they are traveling in the car or at potty breaks.

7. Pack a pet first aid travel kit. Items like gauze, bandages, saline eye rinse, etc., could be helpful when first aid is needed. When planning your trip, look up emergency pet clinics that will be in the areas of your travel just in case you have a pet emergency.

8. Protect them from fleas, ticks, and heartwoms by ensuring they are on a preventative before you go on your trip.

9. If traveling to another country, always check their requirements for pets entering or leaving the country.

10. The last tip is very important:HAVE FUN! Whatever you do with your pets, take plenty of pictures and have fun with them. They are your bonded best friend and the memories that you share will be with you forever!


Written by Susan Lopez: Pet Hospital


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