Jun 14 2016

Flea Eggs; The hidden problem.

Do not let flea eggs take over your home! Since a female flea can lay about 40 eggs per day, a few case studies have shown that for each flea you find, there are an estimated 120 eggs around your home. Flea eggs can lay dormant also in their environment and only hatch when weather heats up. This is why it is important to have your pet on a year-round flea killer or an insect growth regulator which will not allow the flea egg to hatch. In some states including Southern California, it just does not get cold enough to  stop or decrease the flea life cycle. Some people stop their pet’s flea medications because “it is too cold outside”. This creates a bigger flea problem as the fleas even if there is fewer are still laying their eggs each day and suddenly when the heat wave comes, all of the eggs hatch causing an infestation on your pet and home. Keep your pet on a year-round flea product and chances are, you will not be dealing with a flea infestation. A dead flea cannot lay eggs.       

pethospo | Flea Prevention

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