May 17 2016

How to stop your dog from eating cat or dog poop.

Does your Dog think the cat litter box is a snack box? Some dogs have the bad habit of eating cat’s stool, their own stool or the stool of another dog. Coprophagia, or stool eating is actually quite common in dogs.¬† Here are some tips that may help stop them from this bad habit.

First of all, there are many reasons that dogs may eat cat stools. Sometimes it is out of boredom, instinct, or most often nutritional deficiency. Cat feces contains a high amount of protein and fat combined with an additional odor that dogs find extra appetizing. Not only is this a bad habit, it can lead to health issues.

The first tip is to of course make the cat box harder for the dog to get to. Sometimes putting a baby gate at the entrance of the room where box is can help. If this is not possible, then place the litter box on top of a shelf or counter where only the cat can get to. They also make special litter boxes that a barrier around the box so only the cat can get in and out.

If adding any barriers still does not stop your dog, then there is a product called Outta My Box from Vet Resources. This is a veterinarian formulated, natural solution to help deter dogs from consuming cat stool. You give these tasty treats to your dog and your cat. For dogs it provides natural ingredients to help your dog lose the craving for cat stools while helping to maintain optimal GI balance. For cats it will help reduce the stool odors making the feces in the litter box less desirable to dogs.

Another product recommended is Stop Stool Eating from Vet Resources. This treat is given daily to your dog and to other dogs that are in the household. It can help deter dogs from consuming their own stool, or other dogs’ stool. It makes the stool taste foul, which then will stop dogs from consuming it. You want to ensure that you clean up all “good tasting” stool prior to beginning so that there is no chance that the dog will get to a stool that does not have the foul taste in it. This product can also help reduce bad breath and body odor, helps alleviate occasional gas, and reduces stool and urine odor.

So there is hope to this bad habit. Some pets may still continue with the bad habit even with the foul taste, but the majority will stop. Then you may be able to trust those dog smooches again, not wondering what your dog has eaten.Please give us a call if you need help with this problem (714)771-3261.


written by Susan Lopez: Pet Hospital



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