Apr 28 2016

8 Tips for Flying with a Cat

Traveling with a cat isn’t always the easiest task. Here are a few ways to simplify things when you need travel with a furry feline:

  1.  Find out what regulations your airline has regarding carrying on an animal. Some airlines have specific height & width requirements for a carrier so it fits under the seats. You should definitely call ahead, and let the airline know you are traveling with a pet.
  2.  Find out if your state requires a health certificate for traveling across state lines.
  3. Do not feed or water your pet 7 hours prior to their flight time. You don’t want upset stomachs or them having to go potty.
  4. You might want to bring a little bit of food “just in case.”
  5. Do NOT take your pet out of their travel crate. This can make them realize what else their missing and complain even more loudly later. Also, some pets become more afraid when out of their crate. Their crate is a safe haven for them so better to let them be.
  6.  If the pet starts complaining, just wait it out. They’ll stop eventually…hopefully. You can try distracting them some, but usually they will stop on their own. Your cat will definitely be excited to be home!
  7. Prior to travel, spray Feliway which is a cat phermone spray or Vet Classics Safety Zone which is a natural herbal calming spray in your cat’s carrier and bedding. This can be done several days in advanced and on same day of travel. Leave the cat carrier open and accessible to your cat at home several days before travel as this could help them explore it and feel more comfortable once it is time to travel in it. The calming sprays are all natural and will not sedate your cat.
  8. Another natural supplement that can be given is Vet Classics Stress Away Chews or Composure Chews. These are recommended to help support the nervous system in reducing stress and tension. This would be given to your cat 30 minutes prior to travel.  If you feel that your cat needs somethings stronger, you can schedule and exam with their Veterinarian for a possible prescription of sedatives.

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