Apr 26 2016

Summer camping and hiking with pets.

With the summer months just around the corner you may find yourself going on hikes or camping with your pet. If this is in your plans, then make sure to have your pet protected against the dangers that they can come across while on their adventure.

Rattlesnakes are commonly found in some hiking areas. Protect your pet by getting him a Rattlesnake vaccine. This vaccine will not completely protect your dog from the venom but what it will do is give you extra time to get to the emergency vet where your pet can get the emergency care needed to survive. Always ensure to carry the phone number of an emergency vet and be aware of where the nearest vet is, if you are hiking out of the area.

Ticks that carry diseases can easily attach to your dogs as ticks will sit in shrubbery and bushes often found in hiking and camping areas. If your pet commonly comes across ticks, then make sure you get him a Lyme disease vaccine. This will help protect him against Lyme which is carries by ticks. Also put your dog on a tick killer like Bravecto or Nexgard. These are oral medications. You can also use topical Effitix which kills and repels ticks. If you are just doing a one time hike or camp, then you can also purchase Vetri Repel Wipes. These come in a handy container with 60 pre-moistened towelettes. and pull out like a baby wipe sheet. You then rub this all over your pet and this all natural product will help protect your pet against fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and flies.

If you have any questions prior to taking our pet hiking or camping, don’t hesitate to call us! (714)771-3261

written by: Susan Lopez from Pet Hospital

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