Apr 23 2016

How to Puppy Proof Your Home

Puppies have a lot of natural curiosity. This is part of what makes them so much fun, but it can also lead them into harmful situations. Remember, puppies like to chew everything! Before you bring your new puppy home, make sure you survey your home for potential dangers.

Here are handful of things to consider when you bring home the newest family member:

Electrical cords
While playing, a puppy may chew on an electrical cord, which can cause burns in the mouth, electrical shock, or death by electrocution. Run cords through purchased spiral cable wrap, cord concealers, or even PVC pipe to keep them safe from your puppy.


Drugs and medications
Keep all medications in a safe area the puppy can’t get to. Don’t leave vitamins or other pills out on the kitchen counter or table. A determined chewer can make short work of a plastic container.


Tobacco products, including nicotine gum and patches, contain substances that can be toxic or fatal.


Chocolate, onions, alcohol, and foods high in fat, sugar, or salt can be very harmful. Grapes and raisins contain an unknown toxin, which can damage the kidneys.


Chicken bones, plastic food wrap, coffee grounds, meat trimmings, the string from a roast- all pose a potential hazard. Make sure garbage is stored in a tightly closed container that your puppy can’t get into.


Avoid using mouse or ant poisons. Mice and rat poisons, especially, taste good to dogs, and are deadly.


Household cleaners
Keep cleaning supplies in high cupboards or use childproof latches to secure lower cupboards. Avoid automatic toilet bowl cleaners if you can’t keep your puppy from drinking out of the toilet. Remove the puppy from the area when you are using liquid or spray cleaners. They can get into the eyes of a curious puppy, and the vapors can be harmful to lungs and eyes.


Toxic plants commonly found indoors include dieffenbachia, azalea, Calla lily, and philodendron.


Open windows and doors
Keep doors and windows closed, and make sure screens are secure.


Close off stairwells with a pet gate.


Swallowed clothing may cause a dangerous intestinal blockage. Keep socks, nylons, underwear, and other clothing put away. Keep laundry baskets off the floor.


Keep costly items and those of sentimental value put away until your puppy is older and less likely to chew. Jewelry and coins are easily swallowed and can contain metals that are toxic.


Fire and heat sources
Any type of fire can be dangerous. Screen off fireplaces and wood stoves. Never leave your puppy unattended in a room with an open flame or space heater.

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