Mar 21 2016

Irish Breeds

Five showcase breeds: we love all dogs so we’re going to showcase a few different breeds from time to time for both a little education and entertainment. In the midst of St Patrick’s Day celebrations, let’s take a look at five Irish breeds that are kept and loved worldwide.

Irish Red Setter
These beautiful dogs are known for their long, silky auburn colored hair. Irish Setters are known to have an amazing temperament, so they would be perfect in a household with children. Being an avid hunter, setters need to remain active. Don’t leave them unattended outside either, because they will find ways to entertain themselves. They crave human interaction, so if you’re looking for a dog to go on adventures with look no further.

Irish Red and White Setter
The Irish Red and White Setter don’t fall far from the red setter, though it is believed that the red and white was the original setter breed from the 17th century. Sadly, Irish Red and White Setters almost became extinct due to cross breeding. Luckily enough the breed was saved by the efforts of Reverend Noble Huston.

Irish Wolfhound
The Irish Wolfhound (or as we like to call it, the Jim Henson dog) is one of the oldest living dog breeds. Originally referred to as Cú Faoil, wolfhounds were bred as hunting dogs and often given as gifts to nobles and other important people. Don’t let the size of the wolfhound scare you. These dogs really are gentle giants. Though they aren’t considered to be guard dogs, we think the size alone can be rather persuasive.

Irish Terrier
Irish Terriers are one of the oldest breed of terriers, and is the fourth most popular breed of terrier in Ireland and England. Irish Terriers are extremely active, so they are better suited with a family that loves going for walks, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Irish Terriers are great with children, and train extremely well.

Irish Water Spaniel
Thought to be a descendant of Dobhar-chú, the Irish water Spaniel sure has come a long way. Irish Water Spaniels are perfect dogs for people who may have allergies, due to its dense curly hair, because they shed very little. Irish Water Spaniels make great family dogs, and can be quite comedic when performing ordinary tasks.

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