May 10 2015

Pet Microchipping

It is great when we see pets reunited with their owners due to pet being microchipped. Each week we get pet loving people that find a lost pet and bring it in to our office to have them scanned for a microchip. We all cross our fingers and hope that the pet is microchipped. We have a chip scanner here that we are able to scan the pet with. If the pet is chipped, an id number will show up. We then take that chip number and call manufacturer of that chip and read out the number to them. Once they check in the system, they will let us know who that chip is registered to along with the Pet’s name and phone number. We are then able to reach the owner and reunite them! Most Microchips are universal so can be traced all over the United States and Europe.

Because collar tags sometimes break or become illegible and tattooing can also become illegible, microchipping your pet is the only truly permanent method of identifying your pets with the information necessary to return them to you should they become lost. Providing your cat or dog with both tags and a microchip helps ensure a happy reunion if the unthinkable happens and your companion gets lost. You also must ensure to keep your personal information up to date with the registered chip company. If you change your address or phone number, it is vital that you update this information so you are able to be reached if your pet gets lost.


1.) Only true permanent method of pet identification.

2.) Lasts for the lifetime of your pet.

3.) Quick and painless procedures, just like a vaccination.

4.) Best chance of your pet returning to you should they go missing.

5.) Microchipping is recommended by the AVMA, AAHA, ASPCA, Humane Society, and more.



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