Oct 23 2014

Fleas in the Fall

Traditionally in the Fall, the temperature cools down in comparison to Summer. Pet owners may see less fleas at this time due to the heat being lower and less eggs hatching due to cooler temperature. Things are a little different in Southern California as the weather tends to be warm year-round and therefore fleas eggs will hatch year-round. It is very important that your pet is kept on a flea preventative year-round to avoid an infestation once it gets hotter in the Spring and Summer. The mistake that many pet owners make unknowingly is to stop their pet’s flea prevention “because it is not flea season” or “it’s too cold for fleas”.¬† We carry a variety of flea products that can be given either orally or topically to handle the fleas. Even if there are minimal fleas on your pet, they can lay hundreds of eggs that will wait to hatch as soon as it gets hotter. During colder months, pet’s tend to come in the home more and lay in blankets, carpet, etc., and flea eggs can be dropped in these areas. Be a step ahead and get a jump on fleas before they get a jump on you. We carry Frontline Plus, Nexgard, Vectra 3D, Sentinel Spectrum, Bravecto, Advantage Multi., Comfortis, Trifexis, and Capstar. The majority of these products have year-round promotional coupons available here or online Contact us if you would like to learn more about flea prevention. (714)771-3261

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