Aug 13 2014

Tips from the Groomer

Recently Hector the Poodle was brought in to Pet Hospital for a haircut and bath. When I was introduced to Hector, I was given a brief background about him. Another grooming shop had referred him to our office after he had been “too difficult” for them to groom. They were unable to complete his grooming and his owner needed our help. I was told that Hector may need to be sedated due to his behavior. I was really hoping that Hector would not need sedation and I wanted to do what I could to make this a good grooming experience. I worked on him slowly and was gentle when handling him. I kept calm and was patient when Hector would start to get anxious. He ended up doing well through the clip and was not aggressive, just very nervous and I think maybe a little scared. I was able to do the haircut on him without having to sedate him! Yay! He is a sweet dog and even gave me kisses when we were done. I look forward to his next visit.

Tips from the Groomer: If your pet is scared or anxious.

  • Ask for an early appointment when scheduling your pet’s grooming.
  • Schedule an appointment on a day the grooming dept. is less busy.
  • Try over the counter calming treats prior to the appointment. We carry a variety to choose from.
  • Bring your pet’s favorite treat. This is a great way for the Groomer to reward your pet for being good especially with a treat he cannot resist.
  • Try to book your appointment with the same groomer that had success with your pet. This way the pet will get familiar with that groomer and continue to have successful visits.

If you have any grooming questions please call us. All the grooming staff at Pet Hospital love working with pets and have a lot of experience working with pets that need extra care and handling.

Love from your groomer,

Devynn Pueblos

Pet Hospital (714) 771-3261



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